Living in the moment in a storm

This evening we had a powerful thunderstorm -flash-flood style rain, booming claps of thunder, startling bolts of lightning – really snaps you to attention. It makes you focus on the moment.

Focusing on the moment is something I don’t do very well; I’m either rehashing or reliving the past, or worrying about the future, all the while missing the present.

I learned today that a business acquaintance had a child (one nearly the same age as one of mine) that was killed yesterday in a car accident. Shocking. Tragic. Horrible. There aren’t words. This sort of event compels us right back to the present, though. Immediately. Prayerfully.

I just wish I could focus on the present without the thunderstorm or tragic trigger.

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One Response to Living in the moment in a storm

  1. carolyn says:

    We must all learn to “seize the moment”…………..our tomorrows are never is the wonder of it all!

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