Rainy Days and Mondays

What is it about Mondays? It has to be more than just the back-to-work thing. Is it the adjustment to the altered scheduled? (sort of like the transition from summer to school days – which, by the way, is careening towards us at 100 miles an hour). Is it sitting all day long? Or is it something more?
The weekend was wonderful. Spent time with dear friends that I met as a freshman in college – many, many years ago! We’ve gotten together every year once the weddings were over. These women are good for my soul! I wish we could get together every three months. On the up side, I will in fact see them in about three months – Yay!!

Regardless, my mood is something lower than a slug’s belly. Something about Mondays.
Anyway, hope the week is a good one for you.

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