Ever see signs at some “restaurants” that advertise “Free Refills”? Some restaurants don’t really advertise it, but that is, in fact, their policy. While some might argue that we don’t need that much coffee, soda, tea, etc., I always think it’s really nice.

Lately, I have felt the need for a refill, but it seems like I’m not getting it free. I’m feeling pretty bone dry and empty. Must be time for a swim, or at least a tub soak.

There are other places and people that help give me a free refill, but I’ve been too busy to visit with them or go there. What do you do when you’re feeling like you need a refill? Is there a person or a place that you can always count on for a “free refill”? How do you re-hydrate?

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One Response to Refills

  1. Bisha says:

    Love your blog, Karen! I especially got a visual of you all fully investing in “just dance!” and had to LOL.

    Free refills for me: 1)make a list of all that and whom I have been blessed with, 2)Consider how that list outweighs any issues/trials that I have been through or will go through, and 3) (this is the most important part) Consider what Christ went through on my behalf and the victory that is His and ours to share!

    And then go have a glass of wine and chillax.

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