Enduring things….

Ever notice that the things that endure aren’t really things? Sure, there are the monuments at Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Egypt and the Mayan temples….but, really, the things that endure are not things at all….they are memories, family, friendships…none of which are things.

Earlier this summer I visited with some of my Indiana family, and was able to spend time with my cousins and their children. We dragged out old slides and looked a pictures from over 50 years ago, and pictures from over 40 years ago, and so on….and we laughed until we cried, and marveled at despite how much time had passed, some things hadn’t changed at all. My cousins’ children enjoyed a game of spoons – ever play that as a kid? It was SO MUCH FUN! Watching them, the memory of our times as cousins playing the game were IMMEDIATELY brought to my mind. What a wonderful, happy memory.

What enduring things are in your life? What can trigger happy memories for you? Don’t you wish we could bottle that ability to bring forward a memory and market it? But aren’t you happy that we can’t, I mean really?

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One Response to Enduring things….

  1. carolyn says:

    It brought tears to my eyes remembering!

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