Cosmic Karma….

OK, so my last post was on Enduring Things, and how they aren’t really things. Well, that lesson “smacked me upside the head” as my Dad would say. This past weekend, we drove nearly 400 miles to the city our oldest son and youngest daughter will call home for the next three years – she as an undergraduate student, he as a law student. We saw the apartment that he will live in; helped move her into her first apartment. It’s all very exciting and bittersweet – all at the same time.

As I’m wont to do, I took pictures of all the poeple and many of the places. In my earnest attempt to chronicle the family time together, I took my (new – just got it for my last birthday in May!) camera with me to dinner. While we were waiting for the rendezvous (D parking the car and B meeting us there), we sat briefly on a park bench.

When all arrived, we decided which restaurant to visit (we were all very hungry, so wait-time was more important than atmosphere or food – although the ultimate choice had great food, too), and we all went to the restaurant. In my happiness over the togetherness, I arose from the bench WITHOUT the camera. Of course, when I realized it nearly an hour later, the camera was gone (along with the case and accessories)! No name in the case or anything.

I’m sick. Truthfully, I’m more upset at the pictures that I lost than the camera – E’s first day of school, oldest B’s new apartment, youngest B’s first apartment, the kids together, youngest B’s birthday, etc., etc., etc.

I guess the take-away message is “Be careful with your musings. You might have to be tested by one of your pontifications.”

Have you ever lost something carelessly? Sunglasses, car keys, favorite book, etc.? How did you feel? How did you get over feeling like such an idiot? And, how did you get over the loss – even if it was only “stuff”?

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2 Responses to Cosmic Karma….

  1. carolyn says:

    I am so, so sorry! Yes, losses are a blow to our self-worth & clumsiness, but a camera is just a “thing” as you said in the past! God Bless You!

  2. Karen says:

    So I posted an entry on Craigslist for Knoxville. Let’s see if something comes up….

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