Wonderful weekends….

Don’t you just love weekends! I’m sitting at my computer on Saturday morning – it’s later than it should be and I’m still in my pajamas. Love it! My hair looks like I lost a fight with an egg beater – and who cares! My husband is golfing, my son is sleeping and I’m listening to a podcast. Me time. Slug time. love it!

I hear creaking floorboards upstairs (we don’t live in an ancient house – why do our floorboards creak so much?!?), so that means my son in waking up. So, I guess I better make progress toward the shower, making the bed, and tending to the little details that suggest I am part of polite society….

Anyway, do you love (or hate) weekends? Do you anticipate the expanse of time with delight or dread?

Personally, I love it. But what about you? How do you cultivate that anticipation to the everyday?

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