Friday – Adventure Day!

Of course, you know the guy above – Joe Friday, from Dragnet. 🙂

I read this recently; it’s attributed to Maya Angelou – “Because of our routines we forget that life is an ongoing adventure.” Woah! Cool, huh?

For Friday, I suggest that you take an adventure. Now, sometimes this may take the usual form – a journey, a road trip, a visit to a new place – but adventures can be much smaller. Things like eating outside – when was the last time you had a picnic?

Remember the scene in “Pretty Woman” when they have a picnic in the park, and then Edward goes back to the park without Vivian, takes his shoes off, walks through the grass …..and your heart breaks for him? That’s an adventure.

Or maybe plan and cook a fantastic meal. Or turn off the TV and talk to your kids. Or daydream (of course, don’t do that while operating heavy machinery or driving!) or read a book – do you remember the feeling of adventure in a good book? It’s as if you are transported!

Anyway, plan your adventure, or be spontaneous, it doesn’t really matter, but have an adventure. Sometimes, adventure is mostly about perspective.

What sort of adventure will you take? Does it make you a little scared? Excited? If so, it’s probably the right kind of adventure! Where will you go or what will you do?

If you have the time, read Geoff Calkins’ article in today’s Commercial Appeal about Memphis DJ Tom Prestigiacomo here –

Talk about an adventure!

Leave a comment and tell the world! Remember my words from an earlier post – more people have regrets about things not done that things that they did. Go out and have an adventure!

Happy Friday!

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