Monday Fun Day #2

So, how was your weekend? Did you have fun? I hope you did.

Anyway, it’s Monday Fun Day. Remember – you are supposed to do something that will make you smile or laugh. Or, spend time around people that have that effect on you.

This can be large or small; and it can take many forms – eyewitness, something you read, something you see….whatever! For example, Saturday morning, I had to drive to a health fair at o’dark-thirty. On the way up to Jackson, I saw an 18-wheeler headed south to Memphis. Since it was still dark, the truck had its lights on and the truck also had a string of lights from one side of the front of the truck to the other, so that, in combination with the headlights, it looked like a big smiling face! Made me smile, that’s for sure.

Also, we have this book by a guy named Bill Keaggy – the title is Milk, Eggs, Vodka (see it on Amazon here – – this book CRACKS ME UP everytime! He has all of these grocery lists that he’s found (or that people sent him) and between the stuff on the list and his comments about the lists, I laugh every time.

Here’s a sample:

The list: Prozac, kid hair de-tangler, ibuprofen, fibre-all, sensodyne

The caption: “Wow. Your life sucks, my friend. Constipation, headaches, aching gums, kids with knotted hair. No wonder you’re depressed.”

Here’s another example – I found this on Facebook (Thank you, Sallie H.) – it’s hilarious! Hope you enjoy it. It’s called, “Pole Dancing. It’s not for everyone.” – funnnnnny!

Anyway, I hope these make you smile and make your Monday a Fun Day.

Send me a message or comment and let me know what you’d like to talk about in this space. I’d love your input! Also, you can subscribe by email so that you won’t miss a post – HA! ~ that made me laugh – like you’re waiting on my musings! Anyway, I do hope you’ll sign up.

What will you do today to make it a Fun Day?

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