Tuesday New Day#2

Well, I don’t have any “words of wisdom” or many other kind today. Long day of work yesterday and all that, but I have a small story.

So yesterday, I was on my way to work. We had an event (a Golf Tournament) planned, so we were not going to be in our office for very long. My office is only a few miles from my home – it takes only 5 minutes to get there. However, along the way, I have to travel Poplar Avenue (my husband calls it “Popular Avenue”). So I’m nearing the intersection where I turn off Poplar onto the street our office is on, driving behind a large truck (like a bread delivery truck). I’m driving along and I see this bright, nearly white-hot blue flash and then I hear this big explosion (light travels faster than sound, and all that) and I watch as a pole and electrical lines fall over and land on the truck right in front of me! (This picture is not from yesterday, but this is sort of how it looked) I slammed on my brakes and several of the shoe bags for the golfers that I was taking down to the golf course came flying into the front seat and I began shaking like a leaf! Then another bright blue light and another explosion and the power lines on the other side of the street blew up!


So, there was no one behind me so I backed up, and cut through a parking lot and turned at the corner and went to my office. I was calling 911 and I could hardly talk, and my hands were shaking. Our power was out at our office and our alarm was going off. Good day to be out of the office, I thought!

Anyway, after things settled down, I realized that the delay I had encountered a few minutes before the explosion probably saved my day. Nice perspective, don’t you think?

Today, I’m pleased to have a new day with which to start. Not sure how I’ll make the most of it yet.

What will you do that’s new today? How will you make the most of your day?

Hope you have a great one. In the meantime, just call me “Sparky”……

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2 Responses to Tuesday New Day#2

  1. carolyn says:

    How scary was that? So glad you were alright. How did the golf tournament go? It was a beautiful day here. Have a good Tuesday!

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