Wednesday – Give Thanks Day #2

So, how ‘ya doin’? Are you heeding my advice? If you are, congratulations! If you’re not, well, come over here and sit by me.  I haven’t really been taking my advice either! Ha!

I love to read decorating blogs. You too? Have you got a favorite that you like to read? Maybe it’s not decorating, maybe it’s something else. But for me, it’s really escapist stuff. For a few minutes, I’m peeking into someone else’s house or their world, and I forget some elements of my own.  (I just reread that – I don’t mean it to sound so bad; it’s just that my life is pretty ordinary.)

Anyway, one of the blogs I read regularly is written by Susie Harris – a woman I’ve never met, but whose life I enjoy reading about. Anyway, her post on Tuesday was titled “Enough” and it really inspired me. Like she points out, this word can mean so much or so little. She comments that in one week, her family experienced a death and an 18th birthday. Quite a range of emotions, I imagine. Anyway, her post was about doing “enough” decorating her home for the fall season. I’m sure that you all have  a few friends that really “do it up” in terms of seasonal decoarting – a “fall tree”, new mums, cornucopia, etc. Sometimes, you gotta wonder – don’t you have anything better to do?! Really, the decorating that Mother Nature does in fall is hard to beat. Anyway, you can read Susie’s blog here:

Sooooooo, I think for today’s goal of “giving thanks,” we need to determine if we have “enough.” I heard once that there are three things that are only critically important if you don’t have enough – air, sex and money. 🙂

Really, if we are honest with ourselves, we have enough. Enough of everything. And, for that, we should give thanks. We really are blessed. Enough really is enough.

What are you thankful for? Did you thank the ones that helped you or helped you realize your blessings? If not, why not now?

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2 Responses to Wednesday – Give Thanks Day #2

  1. Janet Shelton says:

    You know I spend entirely too much time pondering about did I do ENOUGH!! Did I cook enough, spend enough time with my boys, talk to my MOM long enough, clean enough, chart enough on that difficult patient I just hung up from speaking with, love enough ?????????????????????? I could just go on and on, geez at my age you would think these things would be much easier,but not so much. I think women put entirely too my pressure on themselves about what is enough and more times than not what we consider enough is too much. OK, I feel better now. Everybody have a nice “hump day”.

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