Thursday #2 – Give Back – Talents

There’s a saying that Talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. I think this is a really great sentiment – well, more than a sentiment, actually, but a recommendation.

Since this is Thursday, our day to Give Back, I suggest that you use your Talent for that purpose. Are you a good singer? (If you are, first thing is how?!? I can hardly carry a tune in a bucket but I’m inspired by those that can sing – and sing well (Diane, Lura & Leigh L. – I’m talking about you!). But, anyway, if you can sing, use that talent to give back. If, instead, you are good at math, consider mentoring or tutoring someone. If you have a green thumb, share it with a community garden. A good speaker? Help someone trying to tell their story. Whatever your talent – use it.

No stories today, just the suggestion to use your talent. Think about what you are really good at – for example, my talents include checking my Facebook page, snacking and ignoring impossibly high piles of laundry and long chore lists. But I say, pick the thing you are good at and perfect it! No, seriously….what is it that only you can do well? Can it help someone else? Then that’s where you start!

How will you make the world better today?

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