Friday – Adventure Day#2

So it’s Friday – hurrah!!! Ready for the weekend? Ready for another adventure?

So I’ve told you about my obsession with blogs. One that I follow is called Pigtown Design, written by Meg Fairfax Fielder from Baltimore. She posted this on Wednesday, but I just now saw it. If this doesn’t make you smile, your heart is too hard!

It’s about a bear named Santra from a Finland zoo. When she wakes from  her naps, she does these yoga stretches, lasting about 15 minutes.

First, stretch your right leg. Then both legs. Then your left leg. Then rest!

Isn’t that so adorable? These pictures were taken by Meta Penca, a 29 year-old web programmer from Slovenia. You can read Pigtown Design here:

Anyway, sometimes adventures happen when you take a detour, so consider the above pictures today’s little detour/adventure.

What else will you do for adventure today? Hope it’s great!

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