Nothing much to suggest today. Still slogging along

Hope you have a great day, today.

What will you do to make it a fun day, Monday?

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  1. carolyn says:

    Karen, hope today goes well. I look forward to your musings each day. There is a feeling of fall in the air even though they days get very hot.

  2. Diane Rogers says:

    I read something interesting today from author Tom Rath and Jim Harper “Well-being: The Five Essential Elements.” They revealed that not only do the people directly around us influence our well-being, but so do our friend’s friends.
    So I got a text from my friend Angela who bought a big rooster painting as Festival. While contemplating the purchase I said “Buy what you love. Every time you walk past it, it will make you smile.” Her text “I can’t wait for you to see where I put the rooster..and it does make me smile to see it!”
    Even though I woke up today with a list longer than I can accomplish, I know I am blessed beyond measure. I’m smiling.
    So sending you a little happiness from your sister-in-law and her friend.

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