Tuesday New Day


OK – so, on Tuesdays you get to celebrate the fact that it’s a NEW day and do something you haven’t done before. What do you have planned?

Personally, I’ve got several meetings that will delay my pursuit (perhaps even until tomorrow), but I’m going to venture out to the Greater Memphis Greenline.

For those of you that live here, have you been? Aren’t you so proud that our city did this? There is not a profit opportunity, there is not a retail mecca, it’s just a paved area meant for walking, running, biking. I’m excited. That Joni Mitchell song “Big Yellow Taxi’ keeps playing in my head – you know the one….”They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot…”

Anyway, I’m excited about checking this out. I’m proud of our city for doing this – and seeing it through to completion.

What will you do with your new day? What new thing will you try? Tell us about it!

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