Bloom Where You’re Planted

OK, so today’s assignment is to Give Thanks. I want to suggest a slight twist – and that is to recognize your surroundings and give thanks for them. Yes, I know, a person’s immediate surroundings may not be so inspiring. For example, you may be working on a laptop next to a pile of clean but unfolded laundry. Or, like me, you may be working at a desk that is so dusty it could be used for a message board, but no matter! I suggest you look up and look for something to be thankful for. Here in Memphis, the weather for the last several days has been GLO-RI-OUS!!! Mild daytime temperatures with cool, crisp evenings and low humidity – it has been like California! Certainly something to be thankful for!

Anyway, those of you that know me, know that I LOVE autumn. The break from the heat, college football, sweaters, the colors of mums, pumpkins and¬†falling leaves, even – I’ll admit it – the return of new TV shows, are all things I love. So, it is a bit easier for me to be in a happier mood. (And I’m still working on the “fake it ’til ‘ya make it” thing…)

Anyway, a friend of mine, Rupert Yen, took these photos of the Memphis skyline from his studio downtown – I think they are breathtaking! You can talk with Rupert, and see more of his work at He’s a great guy – and obviously talented.

Beautiful – don’t you agree? What are you thankful for today? Big or little doesn’t matter, just the recognition is important!

Oh, and I’m also thankful to Meghan who found a bracelet of mine – outside my office in the bushes!!! Can you believe it?! Thank you, Meghan!!

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