Have an adventure today!

Our man Joe is our cue that it’s Adventure Friday! What will you today?

This time of year, and with our current weather and low humidity, simply going outside is a great adventure (I’m typing this as my neighbor’s psycho dogs are barking at something. They are going crazy….let’s see, are my two cats indoors? Regis, bulimic chipmunk stalker? Yes. Skittles, poor cat dropped on her head as a kitten? Yes. OK, who knows what they are going ape over – probably falling leaves. I told you they were psycho!)

But, I digress. Take a look at this photo from a work friend, Elizabeth. It’s her son, taken last year. Isn’t it beautiful?! It almost looks like a painting with the water, light and leaves! If this doesn’t make you want to get outside, you need to have your pulse checked!

Anyway, I hope that you will have a wonderful adventure today – big or small – and one that brings you joy.

What will you do? Where will you go?

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One Response to Have an adventure today!

  1. Diane Rogers says:

    Love the picture. It could be a younger Jake….right before he fell in!

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