Funny how a word can have so many meanings….
Reflection – it can mean a pause to consider something (or reflect on it) or it can be the image you see in a mirror (your reflection).
Both meanings are important.
With everything that’s been going on in the world lately (unemployment, war, natural disasters – tsunamis, tornadoes, floods – in which so many have lost so much), it causes me to pause in reflection of what is truly valuable.

– Do I behave in a way that demonstrates – consistently – what I value?

Or, rather, do I try to just keep all the stuff that is omnipotent, but maybe not so important going, spinning, running? It’s hard to say.
When I look at my reflection, I can see the evidence of the strain and disconnect in the lines on my face and the bags under my eyes from little sleep.
Both forms of reflection are a bit uncomfortable.

The question is, can I improve my reflection by changes in my action? And if so, will I make the changes?
What about you? Is there anything that you see in your reflection that needs to change? If so, are you brave enough to make the change?

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