Have you read the articles that talk about memory triggers? Sights, sounds, smells – all can trigger memories – good and not so good.

Recently, I had some repair work done on my car. When I went to pick up my car after the work was complete, the reception area of the business, which was right next to the work area, had a strong sort of plasticky, rubberized smell. I was IMMEDIATELY transported back to high school, during a time when my summer job was working for a factory that made automotive hoses. It was amazing. The smell, one I don’t recall smelling in over 35 years, took me immediately back. And it happened with very little conscious thought. It was like my body remembered before my mind.

It got me thinking about how little of our minds we actually use, and how locked in everyday routines we can be. Having something to transport you out of your regular routine seems like it can be a very good thing (it also might be a bad thing, but I’m not talking about that right now).

What things transport you? Do they open you up and allow you to think about other things? How do we open up and allow ourselves to see – really see – and feel what’s going on around us? Please share!

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One Response to Memory

  1. Diane says:

    For me, taste conjures up memories. I haven’t tasted Diamond Jim Brady’s cajun shrimp bisque since 1992 but the thought of it is delightful. Though taste memories can ruin it too–like Bud & Alley’s crab cakes. I don’t even like to taste others and if I do, they seem to disappoint me.
    As for smells, ever wonder why they invented air fresheners is every conceivable scent…..except fresh bread? Some things just have to be real!

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