Mixed blessings

It’s Friday – whew! I’ve had mixed blessings recently. My youngest son is home from college, for the first time. He’s a freshman and enjoying the college experience, and willing to share it with me. However, he’s now in that strange sort of “man without a country” phase – he enjoys being home and we enjoy his being here, but he’s already, in just a few weeks, become accustomed to not having to live with our rules – “being on his own” if you will. He wants his evening to begin at 10 PM and that is tough for us – mainly because of when it means his evening will end – early in the morning.

I recall my mother relating a similar experience when my brother and I would return home from college and leave disarray, dirty dishes in the sink and piles of shoes and clothes and newspapers in our wake. She said my father, a very wise man of few words, asked her “Would you rather that they not be here and for it to be all neat and clean?” Sort of puts it all into perspective.

So, I’m working to see more of the “blessing” and to ignore more of the “mixed” part.

How about you? What sort of mixed blessings do you have each day? How do you tip the scale to blessing?

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