Finding a good fit

Several of my friends posted this image and quote online recently, and I found it really spoke to me! As I see it, sometimes the measurement we use to evaluate a person should be to determine “what is the talent they bring?”

In other words, being comfortable in your own skin, and allowing others the same thing. Each of us truly is a child of God, with talents and gifts the are divinely given. Why then, do we try to fit everyone into the same mold? (Maybe you don’t do that, but often I do!).

My children are a perfect example of this. Despite their shared genetics, they are very different from one another – different interests, different personalities, different goals. I am sometimes tempted to try to group them together and judge them by a common measuring stick. Of course, I shouldn’t be judging them at all, but that’s a topic for another post! Anyway, at any one point in time, I should use a clock to measure one child, a measuring stick for another child and a tuning fork for the next – you get the idea. Further, I can’t even use the same measuring device over time. For each child, I might need to use a ruler one day and a measuring cup the next.

While that presents a challenge, it also presents such blessings. Their rich diversity is what yields such a cornucopia of delight. I’m pleased that they are so different – both from each other and from me and their father. They all seem to “fit” differently in their own skin – sometimes better than other times, even. But, thankfully, they are forging their own pathway. And in the end, isn’t that when we are most happy – when we are forging our own path and comfortable in our own skin?

What do you think? Do you ever feel that you are being judged (or judging) by the wrong measuring stick? What unique talents do you possess and how do you get comfortable if your talent doesn’t line up with the one you are expected to use? How do you adjust?

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