Keep on keeping on….

I’m at that age in life when my world is again shrinking rather than expanding. It’s all part of that Lion King “Circle of Life” thing, but it feels funny. There was a time when everything that happened was big – big groceries, big family, big laundry, big, full schedules, big minivan….it was because we had 4 kids in the house. Busy was our usual mode.

Now, we are empty nesters. Our house is quiet. Our grocery bills are small and our laundry is light. Interesting change of pace. Some very nice elements to it. However, the change is one that I’ve yet to fully accept, if I’m being honest.

I’ve always loved quiet and solitary pursuits, but lately, it feels a little too much like a blanket over my head – a little bit warm and cozy, but also a little suffocating.

How about you? How do you handle transitions in life? How do you discover the next curiosity? How do you illuminate the smaller path?

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2 Responses to Keep on keeping on….

  1. Diane says:

    I think it was a little harsh that this post was tagged “depression.” I think the ability to embrace solitude cuts right to the soul. Isn’t it all the stuff that we have to do keeps us busy so we don’t have the time for contemplation? Sit and listen to the quiet–I think you might come to like what you hear.

  2. karenwatson says:

    Ah yes, so true, Diane. Listening to the quiet will be restorative. Perhaps the tag was too much. 🙂

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