Finding humor in everyday occasions

OK, my last several posts have been a bit heavy, dark, melancholoy – sorry about that. Here’s a story that might make you smile – not really laugh out loud, but amusing.

My husband and I recently traveled to see our two youngest children, who are both in college at the same school. Our son is a freshman, and we have to keep reminding ourselves that college teaches kids so much more than physics and chemistry – there are so many life lessons that kids can learn outside the classroom while in college. (One could argue that many of those lessons should have already been learned, but with our son, that isn’t the case. He’s learning quite a lot about being “on his own”.)

Anyway, our son is pledging a fraternity which basically seems to involve being human labor for the fraternity brothers. During the weekend that we visited, our son was driving the brothers to a performance of a rap artist, “Wale”. We heard about the rapper (who, of course we didn’t know of before the discussion), learned about where the performance was going to be held and when and many other details about this event. Interesting to peek just a bit into our son’s world. The discussion recalled for me the kinds of discussions when I was a young child with my grandparents in which they would speak of some friend or occasion and I would have absolutely no idea of who or what they were speaking of, and despite their encouragement, I really didn’t care to know. It was sort of like that, only in reverse. I wasn’t likely to go download a bunch of his music and become a fan. But, we were interested in our son’s activities, but not really motivated to get a more in-depth experience from this musician.

So the next day, we walked to a Starbucks in a nearby hotel lobby to get our morning coffee. We were standing in line and none other than Wale himself strides by on his way out of the hotel. The young guy standing in line behind my husband was so excited. This guy was probably 21 years old and said, “Wow! That’s Wale! I’m so excited! I can’t believe he just walked by!”
To which my husband replied, “Yeah. Did you see his show last night at the (venue name)?” Well, you would have thought that my husband had asked the guy what planet he lived on. He looked at my husband (you should know that my husband has a full head of white – not gray – hair and is, shall we say, seasoned; meaning he can get discount coffee at McDonald’s) with this look of incredulity the guy said “You know who Wale is?” the guy asked. To which my husband proceeded to reply, “Yes” and give a number of other details about Wale that demonstrated he did. Of course all these details were learned only one day earlier from our son. Nevertheless, the guy was rattled. He had thought he was standing in line behind a really old guy and here this guy was cool enough to know about Wale. It seemed to force him to reevaluate his opinion of my husband. Anyway, it was really sort of funny in that ironic way.

I’ve seen a lot of this saying recently, and it really is true: “Pay attention to the little things. With time, you will realize that they are the big things.” This is a little story but it made me smile. What about you? What little things have made you smile lately?

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One Response to Finding humor in everyday occasions

  1. Diane says:

    Dennis is so cool. Road trip to see Wale anyone?

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