Are you Pinterest(ed)?

So, are you wasting time  spending time trolling boards on Pinterest? I think it is really cool, and may be part of the reason magazines are struggling so. Pinterest has become a huge hit with all ages, but has skyrocketed among younger ages (according to my oh-so-not-scientific anecdotal evidence! But, also various published reports mention that there are more than 3 million users, a majority of whom are female and between the ages of 18 and 34).

It boggles the mind to see how fast this phenomenon has grown! According to Wikipedia (and it’s always right, don’t you know!), the site received beta site status in March 2010 and obtained $27 million in funding last month (October 2011) and is now valued at $200 million. (WOW! from start-up to $200 Large in 19 months!)

Why is it so popular? Could it be that the photos are simply scrumptious?

I read on someone’s blog or Facebook page that there is no way that all the yummy food pictures could co-exist in a world with all the beautiful, skinny models showing off skin-tight jeans, cool boots and oh-so-decadent jewelry and clothes! Perhaps that’s why some of the clothing boards only show the clothing – not on people.

Anyway, I love it and find that I can easily waste spend lots of time browsing around. Occasionally, I also find stuff I want to try – recipes, crafts, DIY stuff, or links to places I want to go.

What about you? Do you Pinterest? What’s your favorite thing about it? How do you find stuff you like on it?

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One Response to Are you Pinterest(ed)?

  1. Diane says:

    I look at Pinterest on my phone quite a bit but I haven’t signed up/logged on. I find it captivating. And the pictures are divine. It’s seems quite intuitive since I like most everything I see.

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